Do you need the accelerator?

Innovation, startups, accelerators, investments rounds, unicorns – these are the terms around you whatever you read, watch or listen to. It is trendy to be an entrepreneur and if you think about entrepreneurship, you think about startups. If you think about a startup, then, of course, the goal is to be a unicorn.
But is it so? Should everyone become an entrepreneur? What are the cons/pros of being an entrepreneur? If you do not have an "innovative idea", does it mean you can not be an entrepreneur at all? If you have a startup and it becomes clear you will not become a unicorn – does it mean you failed?
When it makes sense to apply to the accelerator and what (not) to expect from it?
These are the questions we are going to discuss during the workshop.
You will gain more from the workshop if you have a business idea (at least you have identified the real problem and you have good arguments why somebody will pay for the solution). If not … anyway it makes sense to participate.
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