Vytautas Kubilius
Google Country Manager for Baltics
Outside of Google he serves as a board member in a number of startups and organisations, is a co-founder of a startup accelerator and invests into startups as an angel investor. Before joining Google nearly a decade ago he worked for a global agency network operating in Baltics and a telecommunications operator in Latvia and Lithuania.
Liina Laas
Founding Partner at The Better Fund
Liina Laas is the Founding Partner at The Better Fund. Liina has been in the tech scene for nearly a decade and has been crucial in growing multiple fintech startups 10-100x. Liina is an activist for equality. The better fund invests in companies with diverse teams that bring a positive impact through technology.
Alessandro Bianciardi
Co-Founder of Planet S.A.S.
Dr. Alessandro Bianciardi is an environmental engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the identification and management of the environment and sustainable development projects at an international level. He has worked for and within international organizations such as UNDP and the European Commission as well as for NGOs and consulting companies. He has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (on Biologically-Inspired Design approach for the industry) from the Politecnico di Milano; a Master in Biomimicry from the Arizona State University and has a certification for Education for Sustainability at the Schumacher College (UK). In 2013 he co-founded Planet s.a.s, a start-up dedicated to bio-inspired innovation, and in particular, he developed bio-inspired solar desalination technology for land regeneration, bio-inspired anti-bacterial surfaces, and bio-inspired filtration systems. He has conducted seminars, workshops, and courses on biologically inspired design methods for sustainable innovation at Universities and International Conferences. He also co-founded Biomimicry Italia, a network affiliated with the Biomimicry Institute (USA), with the aim of promoting biomimicry in Italy.
Sandra Golbreich
CEO and Co-Founder of Baltic Sandbox
Sandra is a CEO and co-founder of Baltic Sandbox – a startup accelerator and community, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Additionally, Sandra runs "Business Angel School" – educational programs for the EU business angels. Starting from 2019, Baltic Sandbox and Business Angel School are addressing the diversity issues in tech industries. Sandra helps close the gap by running the annual "Women in Tech" acceleration and "Women investing in Tech" educational programs.
Jānis Volbergs
Co-Founder and CEO of ZoomCharts
Co-Founder and CEO of ZoomCharts, with 10+ years of business management and 20+ years of software engineering experience. He holds a degree in business management from the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE Riga) and has been working in the IT field since the age of 16, and has mastered programming since age of 12. Initially, ZoomCharts invited Janis to join as a co-founder with primary focus on e-commerce platform architecture's design and implementation. After the first seed round and initial results, Janis was promoted to CEO position. In Janis leadership, company now has grown to 30+ employees, onboarded 1000+ customers from 100+ countries and is working with profit.
Marloes Pomp
Program Officer for the blockchain and AI projects within the Dutch Government
Marloes Pomp is the Initiator and Program Officer for the blockchain and AI projects within the Dutch Government, including projects in the field of digital identities, logistics, healthcare, finance and food. She is also responsible for the international strategy and partnerships of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and the National AI Coalition. Her professional interests focus on tech-innovation within governments. Prior to the blockchain and AI activities, Marloes worked in several roles like projectleader and researcher at governmental organizations, including the ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations and the city of Amsterdam. In addition, she serves as an advisory member for the SIDN Fund, the Dutch Court, The Blockchain and the Society Board of the University of Amsterdam (VU).
Jānis Strods
Jānis is the co-founder of the new company "Edurio". Edurio helps schools interview teachers, students and parents to take better care of them. The product is currently used by more than 1,500 schools and pre-schools in the UK and throughout Latvia. Jānis has experience in the field of education - he has worked both as a teacher of the "Iespējamā Misija" project at Ikšķile Secondary School, and as a lecturer and researcher at RSU and the University College of London. The idea for Edurio came to Jānis and the other co-founder of the company Ernests Jenava during the time of their studies.
Kristīne Nagle
Founder and Sustainability advisor
Kristīne Nagle is the Founder and Sustainability advisor of Impact House. Impact House is helping fast-growing tech companies launch and scale sustainability. Her experience includes managing accelerator programs at Startup Wise Guys, gaining a global network as the CEO of TechChill, and recently building a sustainability strategy for the first Latvian unicorn, Printful.
Mārtiņš Zemītis
Deputy Head of the European Commission Representation in Latvia
Mārtiņš Zemītis is the Deputy Head of the European Commission Representation in Latvia. Prior professional engagements include the European Parliament, Latvian Parliament, World Bank, World Trade Organization, Ministry of Regional Development. Researcher on investment, trade, and monetary policy at Oxford University (UK) and Hoover Institution (USA). Educated at Stanford University (USA) and Riga Graduate School of Law (Latvia). Awarded Top Young Person of Latvia Prize in 2018.
Līga Peiseniece
Rector of BA School of Business and Finance
Līga Peiseniece is the Rector of BA School of Business and Finance. She is an associate professor, researcher on sustainability, human resource management and financial literacy. Līga is convinced that students bring new ideas and processes to the university.
Gundars Bērziņš
Dean of the University of Latvia's Faculty of Business, Management and Economics
Gundars Berzins is the dean of the University of Latvia's Faculty of Business, Management and Economics, and a professor. He holds a doctorate in management science and as a leading researcher has participated in many research projects and has authored a number of international scientific publications. His research interests include business strategies and regional policy. At the same time, he is also a member of the board at the SSE Riga Foundation and a member of the UL Student Business Incubator Council. He has previously held the post of Chancellor of the University of Latvia. For a long time, he also had a private business. His passion is the importance of strategy and strategic thinking in business. He is excited to read lectures on "Management theories", "Business Strategy and Policy Management" and "Strategic and Operational Planning".
Simona Grigaliuniene
Head of the Department of Technology at Lithuanian Business University of Applied Sciences.
Assoc. prof. dr. Simona Grigaliuniene is the head of the Department of Technology at Lithuanian Business University of Applied Sciences. Simona has a doctoral degree in technology and experience in research projects.
Tassilo Ott
Founder of Talque
Tassilo Ott is the founder of talque, the digital event platform. After completing his doctorate in theoretical physics / string theory, Tassilo Ott worked, among other things, as a management consultant, head of business development and managing director for Georg von Holtzbrick / TNT, where he dealt with the product development of digital online services. Over the past 6,5 years he has built talque with his co-founder Volker Braun. talque now tries to tie together the digital and analogue ("real") world in a way that the world hasn't seen before, massively using geo-components.
Emmanuel Merchan
Dean of the Engineering Faculty
After more than 20 years of working in Higher Education at the National Politecnic Insitute (IPN) in his native Mexico, Emmanuel has recently joined TSI as Dean of the Engineering Faculty. He graduated as an Industrial Robotics Engineer from the IPN, where he also obtained a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He received his PhD from the University of Sheffield after completing research on Soft-computing techniques for path-planning of multi-robot systems sharing a common workspace. He has published several articles in the field of robotics and supervised a number of thesis for undergraduate and graduate students. Now at TSI he is working extensively to enrich the delivery of education in line with the requirements and challenges posed by the change of paradigms associated with Industry 4.0.
Marta Matisone
Director at SmartLaws
Marta Matisone is an investor and startup mediator. She works as Deputy Chairman at the Board of the New Enterprises Council of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She is also a senior expert of the business incubator of the University of Latvia, JLU Technology Business Development Director, and candidate for the business organization BNI. Previously, Marta has worked as the executive director at the Latvian Business Angel Network. She has co-founded and currently works as a director at SmartLaws.
Mārtiņš Hiršs
Co-Founder of "SkeptiCafe"
Mārtiņš Hiršs has a Ph.D. in politics. He is one of the founders of "SkeptiCafe". He researches disinformation and works as a critical thinking teacher.
Jolanta Derkevica-Pilskunga
Lecturer at Turiba University, Director of the Master's Degree Program in Public Relations
Jolanta has a Ph.D. in Media and Communication science. She is the author of several publications, lecturer at Turiba University, Director of the Master's Degree Program in Public Relations. She is an entrepreneur - manager of various integrated marketing communications and brand management projects. Head of agency JDP Integrated Communications. For more than 17 years professional and scientific activities have involved marketing, brand management, and mass media. Member of Latvian Public Relations Association (LASAP), mentor. Member of Association of Marketing Professionals of Latvia (LMPA).
Jana Altenberga
Project Manager
Jana Altenberga is a master's student of Communication Science at the University of Latvia. For the past two years she has been part of the Centre for Media Studies at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga team, organising various courses and training programmes for media managers and journalists from Baltic and Eastern Partnership countries. Her current academic interests include combating disinformation, in the process of which critical thinking plays a key role.
Brian King
UX writer
Brian is a UX writer at Printify who specializes in using words to enhance product experiences. He works with designers, PMs, and researchers to engage and guide users through UI copy.
Marija Ručevska
Founder of Helve and TechChill
Marija is the founder of Helve and TechChill. Over the years Marija has left an indelible handprint on the local and regional startup scene in Latvia and the Baltics. As a co-founder of Helve, a company that designs open innovation concepts for both state and private scetor, she works with ambitious organisations committed to creating the future, instead of being disrupted by it. She is also behind the Baltic tech and start event TechChill and has been instrumental in driving the growth of the non-profit organization going by the same name. As Co-founder, Member of the Board, and former Chief Executive of TechChill Foundation, she ensured that her passion as an evangelist for the Baltics as a startup-friendly location was translated into concrete policy. TechChill is now the leading platform in the Baltics for matching startup entrepreneurs, disruptors, investors, and others with an interest in the sector.
Jānis Bebris
Savings and investments product manager
Jānis Bebris is the savings and investments product manager at Luminor. During the past 20 years, he has been involved in different areas of financial markets and investments products distribution. He's had a chance to gain experience in capital origination, brokerage& trading, managing banks trading and investment books and delivering new investment products.
Elīna Bērziņa
Head of Education
Elīna Bērziņa is the Head of Education at one of the largest cultural institutions in Latvia - the Latvian National Museum of Art. She has studied arts and culture at Maastricht University (the Netherlands) and University of Vienna (Austria). Her work is mainly concerned with museum accessibility to various audiences, sustainable museum practices and the role of cultural institution in the well-being of the society. Elīna has lead some of the most innovative and extensive museum education projects in recent years, receiving acknowledgment from diverse Latvian organisations and institutions. Additionally, Elīna works with the Latvian Museum Association on furthering museum accessibility to schoolchildren.
Hodhaifa Khadraoui
Recruitment lead
Hodhaifa is the recruitment lead at Printify, who has overseen the hiring of ~ 300 new employees in Printify for the past year, and currently, leads a recruitment team which focuses on engineering and products.
Angela Jafarova
Angela is the cofounder of European Coding School Datorium. The school's community members are young people of age approximately 15 - 25. In spite of this tricky age group thet have managed to create a digital space for young people, where they can communicate on different IT topics (not just gaming), share their coding project ideas, build teams for hackathons and contribute to community by peer-to-peer education.
Juris Jurāns
Analytical journalist
A recent graduate from Riga Stradins university Political science department, continuing studies in the International relations field. I work as an analytical journalist in one of the largest online media groups in Latvia - TVNET GROUP. Journalism has always been a passion of mine because I believe it comes with a sense of mission. To uncover the wrongdoings of the state or people, and to help reveal the truth. In both - my academic studies and line of work - communication is the key, since the fact-checking, either when working on an article or writing scientific research, is the sole base for my line of argumentation.
Ieva Treija
Ieva Treija is the CEO of Marketingfans.lv, as well as an editor at Labs of Latvia. She has years of experience in journalism, marketing and public relations. Her work is mostly connected with content regarding technologies and innovations.
Jānis Palkavnieks
Jānis Palkavnieks is a spokesperson of Draugiem Group. His career started by heading the development of the pubic relations department of the University of Latvia and leading as the director. Later he offered PR consultations to members of the European Parliament. Afterwards he worked as the editor of politics at Diena.lv, and created and lead the first Latvian internet television, Diena.Tv. His career continued in TET (Lattelecom) as a PR specialist, blogger, and creator of the social media communications strategy. Palkavnieks has studied religion and law sciences at the University of Latvia, and has interned in crisis communication management at Akademie Führung und Kommunikation and brand management MBA at the London Business School.
Elīna Vikmane
Elīna Vikmane is the director of the Cultural Heritage Governance and Communication international master's degree programme at the Latvian Academy of Culture (Latvijas Kultūras akadēmija) and a board member of the Latvian Museums' Association and Latvian Contemporary Art Museum Foundation. Appointed by the Minister of Culture, she serves on the Culture Heritage Expert Commission at the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia (Valsts kultūrkapitāla fonds). Recipient of the Emerging Scholar Award 2021 by the Inclusive Museum Network, she focuses her research on the opportunities and constraints Latvian museums face in exploring and expanding their social role in contemporary society. Her research interests include sustainable development, digital innovation in museums and the diffusion of innovation.
Gatis Zamurs
Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development
Gatis Zamurs is the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, as well as a member of the Board of the political party "Latvijas attīstībai". Before starting an active career in politics, having obtained a master's degree in business management, Gatis Zamurs was involved in entrepreneurship for more than ten years, acting as the executive director of the Latvian Wood Construction Cluster and working as a lecturer at Riga Technical University. Currently, Gatis Zamurs is a member of the 13th Saeima of the Republic of Latvia, working in commissions related to both the economy and sustainable development within the Saeima. In his work, Gatis Zamurs especially emphasizes the need for science, research and innovation as a guiding principle in promoting a climate-friendly economy, as well as emphasizes the need for multilevel cooperation and dialogue.
Karina Palkova
Assistant professor and Leading researcher
Karina Palkova is Assistant professor and Leading researcher at Rīga Stradiņš University. As well as she is the Head of doctoral study programme "Law" at Riga Stradiņš University. From 2020 she is the attorney at law with the specialization is in the field of the medical law. Karinas Palkovas research field is Medical and Health law, the ethical aspects of robotics an AI in healthcare. She is the expert of the Latvian Council of Science in Social Sciences - Law. Karina Palkova is evaluation expert of the Latvian and Higher Education Quality Agency and Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education.
Kaspars Dancis
Co-founder and CEO
Kaspars is the co-founder and CEO at Whimsical. Product and engineering leader with 20+ years of experience. Proponent of distributed work.
Eva Ūbele
Chairwoman of the students' self-government.
Eva Ūbele is a 3rd year student at the BA School of Business and Finance, and chairwoman of the students' self-government.
Artis Svece
Ph.D. and Assistant Professor
Artis Svece is a Ph.D. and Assistant Professor in Social Philosophy at the Faculty of History and Philosophy, University of Latvia. His main research interest lies in environmental humanities, human-animal studies, and social philosophy. For many years, he has tried to popularize the subject of critical thinking in Latvia by teaching courses on this topic and publishing articles, participating in talks and discussions in a variety of media. Lately, he has been interested in the importance of critical rhetoric and visual rhetoric for the development of critical thinking skills.
Nora Jonāse
Employer branding specialist
Nora is an employer branding specialist at Printify. She leads external communication projects and internal initiatives to help the right people find the right jobs.
Lota Plezere
Product manager
Product manager at Printify. Self-taught developer, coding bootcamp alumni, ex front-end teacher at various coding schools. Mentor at Riga Tech Girls. Cares about great UX and accessibility. Hopes to see more women in tech.
Stanislavs Hilcuks
The Innovation Hub Technical lead and Industry X Business lead
Stanislavs is the Innovation Hub Technical lead and Industry X Business lead at Accenture. He has more than 10 years' experience in managing small and large-scale end-to-end projects with expertise in system integration management, operations management, and technical and business process lifecycle management. He is well fit into establishing corporate innovation services, driving mind-set change and creating innovative environment. Stanislavs acquired great innovations skill-set working with start-up services, such as tailored machine learning solutions. He is a passionate AI and cloud-based intelligent solutions enthusiast and evangelist.
Helmuts Lejnieks
The chairman of the Board
Helmuts is the chairman of the Board of the Latvian Business Angel Network. He is a startup mentor, entrepreneur and expert of the Baltic startup ecosystem. Expert in International Trade, Management, Transportation, Project Management, Business Investing and Road Construction. Passionate about IT, IoT and sports. Interested in B2B startups that help to digitize their customers processes. Ex-professional athlete.
Dāvids Svēte
Dāvids is the founder and host of BALTIC LANDLORDS. He works as country manager at PROPERENTY, and studies the Science of Law at the University of Latvia.
Aleksejs Vesjolijs
Aleksejs Vesjolijs is the author of master thesis "Evaluation of the Importance of Ethical Requirements in AI Solutions Using an Empirical Approach". Currently, he works as a software application developer at Accenture Latvia.
Deniss Bičkovs
Since the beginning of 2020, Deniss is an Assistant Lecturer at the Latvian Maritime Academy. He has gained experience in a lot of projects related to logistics, transport, and maritime e.g. Port community, SafeSeaNet, ANNA, SKLOIS, Port Integration, e-freight, "e-Maritime Strategic Framework and Simulation-based Validation" etc. He also has organized coordination work with government institutions electronic systems' implementation in real life. Deniss has contributed to organizing and leading various meetings, working groups, and lectures on several projects' implementation and EU Directive requirements into Latvian legislation.
Sigvards Krongorns
Sigvards is the co-founder of "Cast Print" - a medical technology company that offers its customers 3D printer-printed fasteners that offer a customized, "breathable" and waterproof solution in the event of a fracture. The founders of the company Sigvards Krongorns and Jānis Oliņš used to work in an audit company and they had no experience in the medical industry, until 2016, both of them had an idea that there is a need for a more modern and innovative way to treat fractures.
Zane Gusta
Zane Gusta is a lecturer at Liepaja University, and co-founder of LavenderVilla. She is an entrepreneur with 8 years of experience. After living abroad for several years, in 2013 Zane moved back to her hometown Liepaja, where she began studying at the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences at Liepaja University. Gaining and practicing knowledge she started the company in the Liepaja region, growing lavender for different types of products which are based on using residue-free and environmentally friendly technology and has developed rural tourism products with focusing on well-being activities. She has a master's degree in environmental sciences-ecotechnology, and she works a lecturer at the Liepaja University, involved in tourism and recreation business processes.
Vilhelms Karlsons
An improv actor and an event host, Vilhelms is driven by understanding different opinions and creating meaningful conversations. This often places him in the shoes of a moderator or a reporter. Trying to find a balance between entertaining and asking thought provoking questions, he aims at making any talk that he is taking a part in memorable in the best way possible.
Dace Helmane
Dace Helmane is a responsible business activist and CEO of the Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility. Dace has been working on sustainability issues since 2008, when together with like-minded people the development of "Sustainability Index" was started. For more than 10 years, leading the Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, Dace has been promoting Latvian companies' understanding of a sustainable business approach. She is convinced that long-term success can be only achieved by a responsible attitude and the state must set an example here.
Māris Krastiņš
Māris is the Key Account Manager at Amber Studios. In his daily work, he faces various technical challenges that have to be solved. Communicates with customers and makes sure all processes run smoothly. In his free time he likes to work on the stage and go on short or long trips.