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Video Technologies - Game Changer in the Future Workspace
More than one year into the pandemic-state of the world, I've had to quickly adapt to situations I'd never thought I would even come across. Hosting events on Facebook live, attending virtual job interviews, and now getting ready to defend my bachelor theses online - it is safe to say that video-based communication is developing at the blink of an eye. But is it really here to stay?

A recent Forbes article reveals that videos are about to take over as the dominant form of communication even after the pandemic is over. It is predicted that more and more technologies shall be developed to allow for video support, encouraging not just workplaces, but even people's homes to become video ready - owning a professional video set-up is bound to become just as common as having a kitchen sink.

Although technologies and their rapid development is something I've grown up with, I am an active away-from-the-screen-experience enthusiast. E-books are only my first choice when there is no other option, and I'd much rather meet up with someone than talk on the phone, so it's safe to say I will avoid installing a professional video set-up in my home for as long as I possibly can. However, even though I gladly enjoy the occasional visit to the office from time to time, even I can't deny the fact that digital alternatives are a useful and innovative tool when it comes to certain work-related situations. And some further research into the topic proved I am not the only one.

According to a Gartner, Inc. study of 334 HR leaders during last April, 86% of companies at the time were incorporating new virtual technologies to interview candidates.2 Although it's been a year since then - a period which I personally believed would change everything and bring life back to the way it was before - it seems like the use of virtual technologies in the job-hunting process is here to stay. Recently, the Estonian startup VideoCV landed 410K€ for further development of its video recruitment platform - the startup is dedicated to revolutionizing recruitment by simplifying and streamlining the hiring process with an AI-powered video screening tool. The platform has been developed with the view to maintain personality-based recruiting, and replaces traditional cover letters with short videos, therefore offering potential employers the chance to get to know the candidate's personality, character, and motivation from the very beginning.3

Having experienced a few job interviews online and even auditioned for the choir with a recording, I can definitely say I still find it difficult to believe that this form of communication allows for complete devotion and productivity. However, even I must admit - from how things are looking, video communication is here to stay, and I must learn how to come to terms with it. After all, there is the famous saying - times change, and we must change with them. And at times like these, it sure comes as a relief to know that there are people out there working to improve our experiences and make our lives just a little easier with their fun ideas and promising innovations.

Elizabete Zarina
on May 5th, 2021
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