Deadline 03.10.
win 10'000 eur
win 10'000 eur
Apply for a EUR 10,000 grant competition (deadline: 03.10.)
You have to attach a completed application form (check the document) to this application.
Full name
Name of your team
Upload completed application form (.pdf), you can find it here:
CVs of team members (.pdf)
If a person applies and has been accepted to participate in the grant competition for 10 000€, he or she will have to become a member of The University of Latvia Student Business Incubator.
UL Student Business Incubator accepts teams where at least 50% of the team members are this university's student, employees, researchers, or graduates of the last two years.
If you have any other question about the Pitch Battle, send them to

I confirm that becoming a participant of Incubator, I will:
● Comply with the UL Student Business Incubator Regulation and Business Incubator Rules of Operation.
● Assume full responsibility for any losses incurred to the University of Latvia, incl. Business Incubator through my actions, and undertake to cover all the expenses related to these losses.
● Upon receipt of the UL Student Business Incubator support, I confirm that, after becoming a successful entrepreneur, I will invest back to the Business Incubator to the best of my ability, to enable the next young entrepreneurs to develop their business, just like the Incubator helped me to do the same.

Learn more about the conference:
Rules for the Grant Competition are available in Latvian here:
Frequently asked questions
Who can apply?
Authors of business ideas who want to join the incubator in the new season 2021/2022 are invited to apply for the competition.
How many teams will be accepted to participate?
10 teams will be able to present their business ideas on the main stage of Icebreakers'20, which will be evaluated by the invited jury.
If there will be more than 10 applications, we will invite all of the teams for a selection round, where UL Business Incubator will select those 10, who will participate in the final round. The selection round will happen online on October 4th.
What should be included in the presentation?
The teams will be given 5 minutes for the presentation, during which the following things need to be told:
1) Business idea; the problem it solves;
2) Team and team competencies;
3) Competitors and competitive advantage;
4) The required purpose of financing and use of financing;
5) Milestones and deadlines for achieving the goal;
6) Long-term business development scenario you are moving towards;
Evaluation criteria
The evaluation criteria are:
- Level of innovation
- Growth potential
- Competitiveness
- Team compliance
- Possibility of realization
Valuating each of them in a 5-point system, where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest evaluation.
Who is supporting the grant competition?
Pitch Battle happens thanks to the "Business Ideas Fund". Established in 2014, thanks to the initiative of John J. Medveckis, the biggest patron of the LU student Business Incubator. Over the years, it has been supported by more than 96 Latvian and foreign companies and individuals, including John J. Medveckis, the Driehaus family, LMT Retail & Logistics,, Orkla Foods Latvija, and others. All donations are administered by the University of Latvia Foundation.
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