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Join the Techstars Startup Weekend in Riga!
We're excited to announce that within the annual business opportunity festival "Icebreakers", at the beginning of October, we are organizing a "Techstars Startup Weekend" hackathon in Riga! Join the event and work on your business idea for 54 hours!

The "Techstars Startup Weekend Riga" hackathon will take place online on October 1-3. On Friday evening, the authors of the ideas will be given the opportunity to present their ideas and invite others to join their team. Later, until Sunday evening, by working in a team and consulting with hackathon mentors, teams will develop their idea further before presenting it to the jury on Sunday evening. The best teams will be invited to present their ideas at the "Icebreakers'21" festival on 8 October.

"Startup Weekend" is a great platform to meet people who also want to create something new. If you have not been able to find like-minded people to implement your idea or have a desire to start something new, but do not have the right idea to develop yet, then this weekend can be a real turning point. The event will bring together people from different fields and backgrounds, creating new experiences, ideas, and a different perspective on solutions.

The "Startup Weekend" events have taken place in more than 150 countries and have been attended by more than half a million participants. Now it's our turn, so we invite you to take the first steps towards something new and apply for participation!

More information can be found HERE.
Elizabete Zarina
on July 1st, 2021

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